About Us

Think Globally, Act Locally!

We are dedicated to upholding the GREEN building ideals of today and for the future. We must fulfill our customers’ needs, meet the FBC code requirements, and together do our part to protect the earth’s energy sources. This is why our goal is to design well-balanced, cost-efficient, and comfortable A/C systems, thus eliminating poorly designed systems that cause rooms to be too hot or too cold,¬† too damp or too dry. Our designs comply with all Florida building codes and local code amendments.

A picture of the earth with a green and blue background.
A picture of the earth with a green and blue background.

Our Team

Our design team is well-experienced in the construction industry and specializes in energy code compliance and stellar HVAC design. Our staff includes  State Certified AC Contractor, RESNET Raters, and energy consultants. We are committed to collaborating and enhancing the energy efficiency of your home. We are very passionate about conserving energy.

Our Specialty

We specialize in designing energy-efficient building envelopes for new and existing buildings/homes, creating value-engineered spaces. Specifically, we prepare FBC required reports, including Energy Calculations, Manual J reports and code compliant AutoCAD HVAC designs. This means that the building will be less costly to operate, will increase in value, last longer, and contribute to a better, healthier, more comfortable environment for people to live, work and play in. We continue to knock out our competition simply by way of knowledge and years of experience. Our forensics division discovers ‘the secrets’ behind closed walls and ceilings, so vital to successfully designing comfort-balanced HVAC systems Request a Quote

Mission Statement

Furthering Global Awareness on Energy Conservation & Building Codes, Design & Implementation. Making a Global impact one house at a time.