Energy Calculations and HVAC Design Experts

We optimize the building envelope components and HVAC systems to make your home energy efficient.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce Global carbon footprint one house at a time. We value engineer your building envelope by designing with intention, maximizing your return on investment. We design energy-saving systems and components that reduce the gross energy consumption of your home. This results in lower energy costs every month. Superior HVAC design and energy compliance. #Netzero #Globalwarning #Climatechange.

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Energy Calculations

The K.O. Energy Design team excels as energy code experts and game changers! Through meticulous attention to detail we analyze the building envelope to perform Energy Calculations and Manual J’s that allow us to select the ‘right’ equipment while properly designing and sizing the duct systems.

We work diligently with all building departments to provide very detailed reports and mechanical drawings for the permit submittal process. Installation is clear and concise with our well thought out design work. We work with engineers, architects, general contractors, HVAC contractors and owners to deliver value-engineered code-compliant HVAC designs.

ACCA Manual J

An ACCA (8th edition) accredited Manual J load calculation determines proper equipment size in tons for comfortable temperature and humidity in your home or office. The K.O. Energy Design team has many years of experience in providing accurate code-compliant reports.


Blower door infiltration testing for code compliance and forensic studies. The K.O. Energy Design team has many years of experience in blower door testing, duct leakage testing and full study forensics for high humidity problems.

AutoCAD A/C Plans

Our detailed HVAC plans are professionally designed by our team members that have many years of practical experience. Properly calculated room-by-room Manual N (commercial) Manual J, Manual D, and Manual S (residential) reports provide the necessary information to deliver mechanical drawings that are code compliant and detailed yet installer friendly. 

ACCA Manual N

Acca Manual N reports are required by local building departments for new building permits. Manual N reports are used for commercial air conditioning and heating requirements. We also prepare Ashrae 62.1 Standard Ventilation calculations and design.

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Commercial Energy Calculations

We provide Commercial Energy Calculations including Ashrae Standard 90.1 via FSEC Energy Gauge Summit, an accredited and approved software.